Participants 2018

Participant of the festival – Mehulkumar Pathak

Country – India

Participated in many international festivals of kites of Asia and Europe

The collection of kites various shapes and sizes (the largest is 100 m long), special innovative Night Led Kite Flying Show

Conducting Custom Shape Kite Making workshops, planning kite cutting competition

Participant of the festival – Andres Sokk

Country – Estonia

Kite flying is the hobby during 25 years

Kite building

Participated in various festivals in Asia and Europe

Participant of the festival – Nikolinka Georgieva

Country – Bulgaria

Organization of kite festivals in Bulgaria

Produces kites

Participated as a demonstrator in several festivals in Europe and India

Participant of the festival – Yuriy Georgiev

Country – Bulgaria

Professional military pilot

Engaged in aeromodelling, instructor in paragliding, teaches aeromodelling for 30 years in the club “ACTO” and he is its founder.

The organizer of the kite festival in Varna “Air miracles” since 2013, co-organizer of the kite festival in Shabla since 2011.

Participated as a demonstrator in several festivals in Europe and India

Participant of the festival – Jacek Górski

Country – Poland

Longtime designer of kites for beginner & advenced kiters in German Kite company HQ-Invento

Many of his kites are well-known in Europe and around the world.

Participant of the festival – Mehmet Naci Aköz

Country – Turkey

Organized Turkey’s first kite competition

Established Eyüp Kardeş Kite Fliers Association and was chosen as founder president

Designed Turkey’s first International Kite Festival and applied it

Gives kite lessons at schools and universities

Established Kite Museum in Turkey (which has more than 2500 pieces)

Participants of the festival – Jeannine and Marcel Burri

Country – Switzerland

Unique self-made kites

Build only inflated 3-D kites.

Participant of the festival – Yunus Aracı

Country – Turkey

Member of Turkish Kite Team since 2010, American Kitefliers Association since 2016

Participated in international festivals in India and in The Netherlands

Was in the organization team of the 5th and 6th Istanbul International Kite Festivals

Participant of the festival – Wieslaw Gwizdala

Country – Poland

Organized IKF Łeba Polan

Builds kites for children

Participated in many kite festivals around the world

Participant of the festival – Andreas Fischbacher

Country – Germany

Focuses on single line inflatable theme kites, which designs from scratch

Participated in festivals in Europe and Asia

Presents large single line theme kites- Ray’s, all sorts of fish, land animals and birds

Participant of the festival – Guilherme Linares Palau

Country – Brasil

Making the traditional Brazilian kites (pipas) with bamboo sticks and paper

Engaged in flying kites from 4 years, manufacturing – from 5 years

Participant of the festival – Sandra Gheno

Country – Italy

Engaged in flying kites with her husband

Have built a lot of kites and flown them in many parts of the world

Participant of the festival – Grutterink Jan Hendrik

Country – Netherlands

One-liners specialty, Japanese kites with sewn on appliqué Formed a friendly kite group to visit together local and international kite festivals